The consequences of not having a warranty policy

Insurance policies are super common because they have to do with very drastic issues like health and accidents, but what covers the cost for minor issues that stress you out. If your car’s tail light stops working, do you have a warranty to cover the cost of fixing it? Or what if your air conditioner unit gets damaged, do you have a warranty policy that covers the repair or reinstallation? Well, you should. At Creative Warranties, we offer comprehensive warranty policies to cover everything from iPhone/ Apple products warranty to car warranty on used cars. Our policies are offered at relatively low warranty prices while providing amazing coverage for repairs, reinstallment, replacement, and other needs. From appliances to furniture and home plans, we keep you protected from the consequences of not having a warranty policy. These consequences include;

  1. Unexpected costs

The top most consequences of not having a warranty policy are the unexpected costs that come with sudden damage to your products and the labor charges for fixing them. If you don’t make provisions for a warranty that can include your appliances and services, you will end up spending so much on unforeseen expenses. From the increased cost of services to spare parts that may have been covered if you had gotten an auto warranty policy, there are so many things you can take care of with a warranty policy. But not having one exposes you to so many unnecessary and unexpected costs. With a warranty policy, nothing can take you by surprise because you will be adequately prepared.

  1. Delays

In a situation where your car breaks down and needs instant repair, it can go in either of two ways when you don’t have a warranty policy. One; you have to use an ATM to access enough cash to cover the cost of the mechanic and that delays your schedule for the day. Or two; you are stuck waiting for hours because there is a part that needs replacement and you cannot cover the cost immediately. With a warranty policy, none of these would be a problem. Creative Warranties would send you the full or significant portion of the cost for any products or services required and you can carry on with your day’s activities smoothly. No hassles or delays.

  1. Stress

There is nothing as stressful as having to spend money you didn’t plan for or make concessions to your schedule when your appliances get damaged. Whether personal, business, residential, or industrial, any hindrance to your daily activities, due to malfunction or damage, can be very tiring to deal with. And for the most part, they can be avoided by getting warranty policies to cover the cost of handling the problem. You would have one less thing to worry about when you know your warranty has you covered. However, without a warranty policy, you may have to deal with the stress that comes with being disappointed, spending unexpectedly, and just experiencing delay because of a damaged product or appliance. All of which is very avoidable with creative warranties’ available policies.

Our creative warranties pre packaged warranties policies  are a stress-free way to get the value for your products and services, without worrying about delayed warranty redemption. Get coverage for unexpected expenses and replacement fees when you get any of our various warranty policy options.

Our warranty redemption process is super quick and efficient. You don’t have to experience the consequences before switching to the hassle-free side of life. Get a Custom Creative Warranty Policy today and enjoy the quality and satisfaction of products and services coverage! Our policy options vary in cost and duration to fit your budget, and we offer extensions and refunds to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed always!   

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