Gold Warranty Benefits

Gold Warranty

Warranty Values: $950 to Unlimited.

Affordable monthly payment plans are available to fit within any budget.

Warranty Duration: This warranty has a time duration of 1 to 5 years. But in any case, the customer can extend the warranty duration according to his or her needs or expectations and the vehicle still meets our warranty qualifications.

The Gold warranty covers a variety of vehicle warranties and all components of the silver and bronze policies.

If you have a car, it’s a fact that it will break down. It’s just a matter of “when”. Purchase your warranty before it does!

In such cases, warranties help you to lessen your burden. The warranty plans like the gold warranty help the vehicle owner.

For example, if we consider a gold warranty for a car then it covers the following components:

  1. Steering System
  2. Brake System
  3. Fuel Engine
  4. Engine
  5. Engine computer
  6. Transmission, Transaxle
  7. Electrical system
  8. Air Conditioning System
  9. Rear/Front Wheel Drive
  10. Suspension
  11. Cooling System
  12. And more…Full vehicle coverage 360 degrees.

Steering System:  This system includes all the internal moving parts of the steering as gear housing internal parts, feeder pipes, power steering pump, steering shaft coupling, internal valves, pinion and rack, steering seals, and the gaskets.

Brake System: Main cylinder named as “Master Cylinder”, boosters (vacuum assist and hydro assist), brake clippers, brake seals, gaskets, pressure modulator valve, disc clippers, hydraulic steel lines, and hydraulic steel fittings.

 Electrical System:  Any part of the vehicle related to the electrical system as voltage regulators, wiring harnesses, engine cooling fan motor, charging system, starter motor, electrical ignition, control compressor of electronic level, windscreen wipers, ABS electronic control unit, compass, thermometer, power antenna motor, power seat motors and other related function of electricity are included in this system.

Gasoline Engine: A large number of parts as water pump, oil pump, vacuum pump, fuel pump, oil pan, valve covers, supercharger seals and gaskets, cylinder heads, intake manifold, flywheel, EFI sensor, control unit, fuel lines, nozzles, crankshaft seals, harmonic balancer, engine mounts, EFI sensor, and all internally lubricated parts.

Engine: Balance shaft and bearings, cylinders, engine block, internal bushings, camshaft, camshaft gears, connecting rods, meshing timing gears, oil pump, piston rings, crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, pistons, and wrist pins.

Engine computer: An engine computer includes many internal components of engine ECU only.

Suspension System:  All the arms-related parts as lower and upper control arm building strut control arms, lower control arms, strut mount and bearings, steering spindle, upper and lower control arm shafts, stabilizer, and the stabilizer bar bushing.

Rear/Rear Wheel Drive: The axel housing, axle shafts, axle shaft bearings, seals, wheel bearings, axle supports, axel housing, propeller shafts, locking hubs, gaskets, constant velocity joints, final drive housing, and others more. These parts are damaged due to moving internal parts.

Air Conditioning System: Condenser, evaporator, compressor, air conditioning gaskets, air conditioning seals, accumulator, clutch bearings, clutch pulley, compressor clutch, and the orifice tube, etc.

Transmission System: Transmission control unit, transfer case, transmission parts in the lubricated case, transmission case, torque converter, valve body, internal torque converter, and engagement solenoids.

Cooling System: Thermostat, cooling fans, thermostat housing, water pump, and viscous coupling are included in this system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we transfer this Plan?

Yes, you can transfer the plan which could be more attractive for the new user as long as it still meets our warranty requirements.

Is this plan Refundable?

Yes, you can cancel this monthly plan at any time with no future obligations or charges. There are no contracts that commit you to any specific time period.

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