CW Policy is an independent warranty not connected, affiliated, or associated with a retailer or manufacturer. The policy acts as a quazi insurance policy with NO deductible and has a cash face-valueand term limit specified on the warranty purchased.

Lowest price available anywhere, high quality secured warranties, prompt and professional service. To protect your investment in the product (asset) or service you purchased. To have the flexibility of pre-packaged warranties or to choose your own creative warranty to meet your specific needs at the lowest possible price.

The CW Policy starts as soon as payment clears and is redeemable as soon as 30 calendar days after purchase. This waiting period is due to increased fraudulent claims in 2000-2021 due to Covid 19. Extendable warranty policies become redeemable the same day the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

The items not covered by a Creative Warranty are those listed in the original manufacturer’s warranty, excessive wear and tear, physical damage, apparent neglect, or modifications to the original production structure.

Yes. If the product still meets the requirements of the original warranty and will need to be requalified for acceptance.

No. Accidental Damage is covered in insurance policies at a much higher rates and most likely with a deductible. Some products are not insurable. All products are warranty eligible through Creative Warranties.

The only place you can buy a Creative Warranty is on our website in our store

Yes. The item to be warrantied must meet the requirements to qualify.

Your policy becomes active automatically as soon as your payment clears. The Warranty will be emailed to you along with your receipt.

Yes. You can cancel your warranty within 5 business days of purchase. However, the item covered under this policy is no longer eligible for reinstatement

Claims are handled through our straightforward RMA (Return Merchandise Agreement) process found on our website.

Yes. We have 2 types of Warranty Policies. Product and Service. At this time if you want both labor and product warranties, they need to be purchased individually. This is because the cost of each is usually substantially different.

We do not repair products. The face-value of the warranty will be paid to you upon the successful completion and proper execution of our RMA process.

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