Buy Outdoor Security Camera Wireless WiFi, ZUMIMALL Rechargeable Battery And Extended Warranty

Outdoor Security Camera Wireless WiFi

Outdoor Security Camera Wireless WiFi, ZUMIMALL Rechargeable Battery Powered Home Security Camera with Mobile App, Night Vision/Waterproof, Human Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, 4DBi Antenna, Cloud/SD Just For 69.99

  • Why us? We never stop upgrading and improving. We have been collecting feedback from customers and have optimized mainly for WiFi Stability and Battery Life of outdoor cameras in the past several months. After optimization, we tested a random sample of 2000 customers’ cameras and concluded that WIFI stability is 80% better than before and battery life is 60% better.
  • Does the wireless camera apply to all situations? No, it can’t. If your home doesn’t have wifi or only a 5G network, if you want to control the home camera through Alexa, if you want to view surveillance video on your laptop, then ignore it. However, if you do not encounter any of the above situations, then please experience this wireless security camera. Whether you are traveling, working, or resting, this battery camera always provides you with sufficient security.
  • How to install and connect? When you get this smart camera for the first time, follow the steps below. 1, Please connect the surveillance camera to the power supply for fully charged. 2, Download the ‘ZUMIMALL’ App on your phone, power on, and connect to 2.4g wifi. 3, Install the outdoor security camera to a suitable location using installation tools, either the front door, backyard, corridor even a tree. (Power cord and installation tools included in the package)
  • How to get started quickly? Try walking under the WiFi camera to see if your phone will get a notification message; try opening your phone App when you’re sitting at home on the couch to see if anyone is sneaking around your door; try talking to the courier at your door and try everything you want to do.
  • IP65 Weatherproof & Vandal Resistant-  IP65 professional home security camera can withstand temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C), which means this motion-activated camera is strong enough to withstand rough weather and vandal resistant, even in the storm and snowy weather. The WiFi camera will always put your safety first.

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