Buy Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 7-Liter Built-in Water Tank And Extended Warranty

Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 7-Liter Built-in Water Tank

Kwasyo Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 7-Liter Built-in Water Tank, Two Water filling Methods, six Washing Programs with Baby Care, Fruit Washing, 360° Spray Arms & 72℃ High-temperature Drying Just For $379

  • Installation-free & Place at will: Two water inlet methods can be connected to the faucet and can also directly pour water, very convenient, unlike the old-fashioned built-in dishwasher, the installation of the water pipe is troublesome and the location is fixed. When the correct water level is reached, the indicator will automatically remind you.
  • Multi-function & Purpose: 6 kinds of detergent programs to meet various requirements, and there are thoughtful mother and baby washing procedures, which can safely wash children’s tableware. Compared with other products, we have one more self-cleaning function. And the “Drain & Dry” even can even run independently, which will be a very useful design for you.
  • 360° Strong Cleaning: The top and bottom of the countertop dishwasher have 360° rotating spray arms, clean without dead corners; Equipped with dual heaters, 162℉ hot water rinsing, high-temperature water vapor fills the inner cavity, cleaning without residue. Every bite is safe to eat.
  • Quick Wash: Only takes 25 minutes to clean (set to quick mode), and the amount of water consumed is only half of that when washing by hand, thus saving more time and water. And the LCD screen can see the current cleaning progress and remaining time. Convenient in the new era, enjoy a few more hours a day and do what you like leisurely.
  • Two in One: It can be used as a tabletop dishwasher and storage cabinet. it will automatically circulate air for 10 minutes every hour, allowing you to store tableware for a long time without a peculiar smell.
  • Quality Control Instructions: All dishwasher are factory tested to ensure normal operation. Therefore, it is normal to find a small amount of residual water in the equipment. If you have any problems with the installation or anything, contacting us by email will be the best solution.

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