Buy AWS DeepLens (2019 Edition) – Deep Learning-Enabled Video Camera And Extended Warranty

AWS DeepLens (2019 Edition) – deep learning-enabled video camera for developers

AWS DeepLens (2019 Edition) – deep learning-enabled video camera for developers Just For $249

  • AWS DeepLens allows developers to get started with deep learning through sample projects with practical, hands-on examples which can start running with a single click.
  • Models trained in Amazon SageMaker can be sent to AWS DeepLens with just a few clicks from the AWS Management Console.
  • AWS developers can run any deep-learning framework, including TensorFlow and Caffe. AWS DeepLens comes preinstalled with a high performance, efficient and optimised inference engine for deep learning using Apache MXNet.
  • AWS DeepLens integrates with Amazon Rekognition for advanced image analysis, Amazon SageMaker for training models and with Amazon Polly to create speech-enabled projects.
  • AWS DeepLens is easy to customise and is fully programmable using AWS Lambda.

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